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The Great Escape Trail – Ohio Fly Fishing

History & Mission

The Great Escape Trail is a collective of fishermen, foragers, herbalists & nature lovers seeking to rediscover our human connection to the wilderness from urban environments. The Great Escape Trail is a symbolic path of living a self-sufficient, free, purpose-driven and honorable life with family, within our community.

Ohio Flyfishing & Flytying

Well tied fishing flies are essential for fly fishing. Some flies are tied to catch fish, while others are designed to catch fishermen. I tie flies that catch fish. My flies won’t fall to bits after you land half-a-dozen fish. The flies I tie are both productive and durable.

The Great Escape Trail fly-fishing flies are hand-tied using only the finest materials and Tiemco or Daiichi hooks. Our fly patterns are tested  in the rivers and streams of Ohio by a handful of experienced fishermen. We specialize in fly patterns that imitate aquatic insects and baitfish indigenous to Ohio & Western Pennsylvania. In addition, we also tie the more commonly fished flies which are popular with fly fishermen on trout & bass streams across the U.S.


Prices are for a set of 3 flies.