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  • Edward Abbey
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    Edward Abbey – Freedom and Wilderness

    Thankful to have stumbled on a digitized copy of Edward Abbey’s ‘Freedom and Wilderness’; a collection of Abbey reading select essays from his catalog. Here they are: Come on In ) Fire Lookout ) The Dead Man at Grandview Point ) ...

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  • Minnow Fly Pattern
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    Daniel’s Minnow Fly Pattern

    Inspired by a fellow fisherman whose mastery of fishing with a plastic minnow has sent me in a relentless pursuit to replace it. Introducing Daniel’s Minnow, a simple epoxy minnow fly pattern based on those I’ve seen elsewhere with some slight modifications. I use coyote or fox squirrel tail for the back, rabbit or craft fur for the tail and pearlescent diamond ...

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  • Ohio Fly Tying
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    Ohio Fly Fishing Flies

    Well tied fishing flies are essential for fly fishing. Some flies are tied to catch fish, while others are designed to catch fishermen. I tie flies that catch fish. My flies won’t fall to bits after you land half-a-dozen fish. The flies I tie are both productive and durable. The GET fly fishing flies are hand-tied using only the finest materials and ...

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  • Sakasa Kebari

    Tenkara Flies

    Here in Ohio we have a shortage of trout streams. But we have plenty of bass, panfish and pike. I have tied streamers, bunny tails, and many others. My fly box has been overflowing with flies. Much of my time on the river is spent horsing around with fly selection, color selection, water color fly choices and more. Then, I discovered the ...

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  • Emerald Shiner Fly Pattern
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    Rainbow Smelt Fly Pattern

    Hook: Size 1 2461 Daiichi Underbody: .020 Wire Body: Purple Danville 140 Denier under Medium Mirage Flat Tinsel Wing: White Arctic Fox under Pink Arctic Fox under Peacock Herl The Rainbow Smelt is the most common baitfish in the New England states but, aside from the coloration, also closely resembles the baitfish of Northeast Ohio rivers. Fish with split shot on a ...

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  • pike fly
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    Red Pike Fly Pattern

    Hook: Size 1 Daichi 3x Long Streamer hookTail: Brown Hackle Tag: Red Floss Butt: Peacock Herl Body: Red Floss under Gold Mylar Tinsel Throat: Red hackle Wing: Red Hackle Shoulder: Pheasant Hackle Notes: This is a simplified winged streamer. I typically use it as a base to tie Schlappen feathers over.  I tied the streamer for fishing in bright conditions or when ...

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  • Jim Harrison
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    Jim Harrison on Fly Fishing

    Jim Harrison, literary wildman, wrote this wonderful article about fly fishing and aging for Midcurrent. “You can easily minimize a sport by coming at it with too sharp an angle in the manner of a technocrat. Fishing, however, is a slow grower. You start in your youth and slowly progress to the full meaning of what you experience. Day after day your ...

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  • Ohio Flytying

    Ohio Fly Fishing, Flytying

    I’ve been flytying for a number of years but only recently have I begun to consider tying flies specifically for Northeast Ohio rivers, streams, creeks and reservoirs. I have been handing over some recent flies to friends & family. I’ve tested some myself on the Cuyahoga, and to great effect. One fly has produced 29 bass in two days. ...

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  • Silver Salmon Fishing - Fourth of July Creek

    Fishing in Seward, Alaska

    This is Part II of an article on Fishing in Alaska. Read Part I: Fishing the Russian River. With no luck fishing the Russian River, defeated and with little more than a hangover, we headed for mile 0 of the famed Iditarod: Seward, Alaska. Population 3,016. Resurrection Bay. The docks were full of fishermen & fishing guides unloading massive halibut and salmon ...

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  • Fishing the Russian River, AK

    The GET Fishing the Russian River, Alaska

    I will sing the song of the sky. This is the song of the tired – the salmon panting as they swim up the swift current. I walk around where the water runs into whirlpools. They talk quickly, as if they are in a hurry. – Tralahaet ca. 1920-29 The Russian River is a 13-mile-long river on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. ...

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  • How to Remove a Fish Hook

    How to Remove a Fish Hook

    Please note: I am not a physician and this is not the recommended procedure. Consult your doctor first! I have been fishing most of my life and have, until yesterday, avoided any serious fishing accidents. Last night, after a dreadful day of work, I went fishing with my brother Josef who is a skilled fisherman, chef and butcher and two other skilled ...

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  • Victor and Father Fishing

    On Fishing and Fathers

    The writer, Victor, with his father. I spent the afternoon floating down the Cuyahoga River, and wasn’t home an hour before I noticed how nice an evening it was and wishing I was back on the water. I am obsessed with fishing and often think about where this comes from. ...

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