Silver Salmon Fishing - Fourth of July Creek

Fishing in Seward, Alaska

This is Part II of an article on Fishing in Alaska. Read Part I: Fishing the Russian River.

Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska. Aerial View.

With no luck fishing the Russian River, defeated and with little more than a hangover, we headed for mile 0 of the famed Iditarod: Seward, Alaska. Population 3,016. Resurrection Bay. The docks were full of fishermen & fishing guides unloading massive halibut and salmon catches for the day. They carried them over to a processing station where hundreds of seagulls perched and cawed.

We visited a tackle shop and were told to use herring, a float and a sinker to catch silver salmon and were directed to a pier to find them. I grew suspicious of this advice but listened anyway. I asked for a hook recommendation and received a shoulder shrug. We stocked up on herring, tackle and a five gallon bucket (to ice herring, salmon catch and, beer). We then drove to the Seward public campground to set up camp on Resurrection Bay.

Seward Alaska Campground

Seward Beach Camping. $10 per night and an incredible view.

After setting up our camp we drove around Seward looking for a pier and never found one. Again, suspect advice from the tackle shop. So we drove around the Seward bay towards the penitentiary followed gravel roads and found Fourth of July Creek. There were a few RVs parked there and some fishermen using weighted treble hooks they casted into the bay to snag salmon. We went back to the tackle shop and bought a bunch of large, weighted treble hooks, headed back to Fourth of July Creek, suited up, entered Resurrection Bay and began reeling in salmon.

Which begs the question related to the previous post: If you’re catching the same fish in Resurrection Bay as the Russian River, do you really need $2000 worth of fly-fishing gear to do it? I’ll be posting about this in the next week.

Silver Salmon - Fourth of July Creek

Ysabel with Silver Salmon caught in Fourth of July Creek.

Silver Salmon Fishing - Fourth of July Creek

Roger fishing Fourth of July Creek, Alaska.

Silver Salmon - Fourth of July Creek

Ysabel with Silver Salmon caught in Fourth of July Creek.

Silver Salmon Fishing - Fourth of July Creek

Roger with silver salmon at Fourth of July Creek.

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  • […] The river is shoulder to shoulder with both fly fishermen and spincasters, both of whom use splitshot tied at an arm’s length from a streamer (color doesn’t matter, the fish are blind). The streamer is cast repeatedly and fluidly into the river, quickly retrieved, with the hopes of snagging and retrieving a salmon. We heard fishermen speaking French, German and Russian. Some fishermen came equipped with $1000 rods, outfitted in the latest Simms waders and accessories and others, most likely locals, caught the same fish with a $20 spinning rod and $45 hip waders. Rumor spread that a major run had hit the Russian a few days before we arrived. We saw a few folks reel in salmon but most left empty-handed. So did we. Shortly after the Russian River we headed further south to Seward. And there, our luck changed. (Read Part II: Fishing in Seward Alaska…) […]

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